In The Loop: Feeding the Polyphonic Present (co-curated with Selina Springett and Terry Pelarek)

Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, 14 Oct-27 Nov 2015

This inaugural exhibition explores the diversity of arts practices within the Department of Music, Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. It opens up a conversation about contemporary art practice as research, its impact upon the broader community and examines how the work of artists as academics feeds into the wider discourse.

Curators: Danielle Zorbas, Selina Springett and Terry Pelarek.

Artists: Vanessa Berry, Clare Cooper, Wade Marynowsky, Alex Mesker, Terry Pelarek, Selina Springett, Clinton Walker and Danielle Zorbas.

“In the Loop: Feeding the Polyphonic Present”

Many thanks to Rhonda Davis & her team at the MQ Gallery.