ants in the legs

ants in the legs
(2016, HD video, 41mins) is an absurdist alien pop image agency of decentered fiction-science ‘healthy lifestyle choice’ scenarios, abstracting the mimetic data economy spectacle.

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LA Underground Film Forum, (Honorable Mention), November, 2016
Pune Independent Film Festival (Best Experimental Film), November, 2016
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safARI Arts Festival, Alaska Projects, Sydney, March, 2016


“As confronting as the relentless, oversaturated mania of Antz may be, it feels undeniably true to the cultural moment we’re in right now.” Xiaoran Shi, i-D vice, 10/1/17

“This film reminds me of two of my most favourite films of all time. One is I-BE AREA (2007, Ryan Trecartin), because both ANTS IN THE LEGS and I-BE AREA are extremely funny and energetic, and portray one actor or one actress in various styles. The other film is VIDEO 50 (1978, Robert Wilson), because both VIDEO 50 and ANTS IN THE LEGS put scenes which seem to be unrelated to each other with each other, and sometimes this kind of weird juxtaposition results in one of the most hilarious moments I have ever experienced in my life.” Jit Phokaew, Independent Reviewer, Bangkok Underground Film Festival, 9/3/17