I’m a filmmaker interested in media poetics and abstractions of the cinematic with reference to value. Είμαι σκηνοθέτης ενδιαφέρεται για την ποιητική μέσων και τις αφαιρέσεις του κινηματογράφου με αναφορά στην αξία.


Screenings & Exhibition
«μια απλή ζωή (a simple life)», Athens International Digital Film Festival (AIDFF) December, New York Flash Film Festival December, International Shorts Film Festival (ISFF) Melbourne December, Metropolis Film Festival Milan November, Balkan Can Kino #4 Film Symposium, Zoetrope Athens October, Balkan Panorama Film Festival Izmir October, Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, September

«ένας κύκλος γυναικείων συναντήσεων», the Anthropause report, MOMus Resilience Project, Thessaloniki, October
«ants in the legs», SZUM magazine, June

«soft spot», Balkan Can Kino, Athens, May

«0.˙.    0.˙.», Global Anesthetics, installation, sound and film, FokiaNou Art Space, Athens, October
«τα μαλλιά (hair)», Balkan Film Symposium, Balkan Experimental Localities, Communitism, Athens, October
«ants in the legs», Hakara Journal, आवृत्ती ०६: रूप-खेळ/ Edition 06: Form-Play, February

«The no enigma of a night», JumbleTron, ACRE TV, November/December, CUBED: Luminous Festival, Pensacola Museum of Art, November
“pace, ρόη”, A knee on the ground, Kassandras for ‘Geometries’, Locus Athens/Onassis, Agricultural University, Athens, July
«0.˙.    0.˙.», ΕΞΑΡΧΕΙΑ θραυσματικοί χάρτες, Στέγη Bibliotheque, BIOS Exploring Urban Culture, Athens, June

«hamburger», ‘In view of // Υπόψη’, Victoria Square Project, Athens, May, As I Intensify I Become More Singular, Sub Rosa Space, Athens, April
“ants in the legs”, Bangkok Underground Film Festival, February

“ants in the legs”, RIXC ‘Virtualities and Realities’ Art Science Festival, Riga, October, AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival, May, NoBudge, May, Milan VOD Film Festival, April
“satellites”, International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra, August

“ants in the legs”, Chicago AMARCORD Arthouse Television & Video Awards, December, RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE, ACRE TV, November/December, Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy Conference, RMIT University, Melbourne, November, LA Underground Film Forum, (Honorable Mention), November, Pune Independent Film Festival (Best Experimental Film), November, Women’s Only Entertainment Festival, October, safARI Arts Festival, Alaska Projects, Sydney, March
“ants in the legs in the computer”, In The Field Exhibition, Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, July/August
Associate Producer, “America America”, Jonathan Caouette, The Velvet Underground – New York Extravaganza, Philharmonie de Paris, March-August

“soft spot”, From the Intangible to the Tangible, VOLUMES 2015, The Independent Publishing Zurich Art Fair, Kunstraum Walcheturm, November
In the Loop: Feeding the Polyphonic Present Exhibition (co-curation), Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney, October/November

“freediving”, In The Loop: Feeding the Polyphonic Present, Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, October/November, SYNC3 Media Arts Symposium, 107 Projects, Sydney, September, Island Salon, Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, August
“FEED”, World Arts Film Festival, Florida, October, IS THIS ART?, dLux MediaArts, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, August
Island Salon Cinema Installation (co-curation), Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, August

“Pump up the Jam” and “Creep“, Karaoke Nights, Futsetsu Gallery, Kofu, December, Demons Mouth Gallery, Oslo, October
“Dodgem Paradiso”, Atlantic City Cinefest, October, Born Shorts Film Festival, Bornholm, September, se23dotmov Exhibition, London, July/August, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, July, It’s Liquid MORPHOS-Sustainable Empires, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, June, Festival de Video Un Minuto Lamosa Lab, Cuenca, June, Festival do Minuto, Brasil, June
“FEED”, Under the Underground Festival, The Picture Show, NYC, July, Habana Film Festival, December, Born Shorts Film Festival, Bornholm, September, Mosaic World Film Festival, Illinois, August, It’s Liquid BorderBody-Mixing Identities, MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Almeria & Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Bari, February
“soft spot“, Curta 8, Festival Internacional de Cinema Super 8 de Curitiba, October, Revel 8, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, July

“Oblivion“, Paris International Music Video Underground Festival Edition 10, November


Research, Review
2021 Monumentoclasm Workshop/Hybrid Symposium, Decolonize Hellas
2020 The Institutional Collapse Masterclass/Workshop, Artists for Artists
2019 0.˙.    0.˙., Global Anesthetics, FokiaNou Art Space, Athens
         τα μαλλιά (hair), 2nd Balkan Film Symposium, Balkan Experimental Localities, Communitism, Athens
2018 In view of // Υπόψη, Victoria Square Project, Athens
         ΓΚΡΕΚΑ LiFO Magazine
2017 Exploring 50 years of Feminist Video Art, i-D Magazine
         ants in the legs, Bangkok Underground Film Festival, BK Asia City Magazine
         Island Salon, Canvas: Art & Ideas, FBi Radio, Sydney
2016 ants in the legs, Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy Conference, RMIT University, Perth
2014 Video Art 2014: Noise in the Signal, Revelation Perth International Film Festival Conference, Central Institute of Technology, SYNC!! Media Arts Symposium, 107 Projects, Sydney
2013 Closed Eye Vision, Revelation Perth International Film Festival Conference, Rydges Hotel


2017 “
ants in the legs”, Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy, Sightlines Journal, Issue 2
          “Island Salon” Reel and Compendium co-curation
2015 “Hito Steyerl and Ryan Trecartin: Video Art, Noise In the Signal”, Dissect Journal, Issue 2
          “In the Loop: Feeding the Polyphonic Present” co-curation, Macquarie University Art Gallery


2020 Artists for Artists, November

          Lakkos Artists Residency, Crete, August
2017 Y Residency, Athens, February/March

2016 Frontyard Projects Residency, Sydney, June/July
2015 NAVA/Create NSW Grant, Sydney, May (Island Salon co-curation) 


Formal Education
2013-2019   Ph.D. Cinema, Macquarie University, Sydney (film component completed)

2003-2005   M.A. Media Arts & Production, University of Technology, Sydney
1998-2002   B.A. (Film, Sociology), University of New South Wales, Sydney