ants in the legs

ants in the legs
(2016, HD video, 41mins) is an absurdist alien pop image agency of decentered fiction-science ‘healthy lifestyle choice’ scenarios, abstracting the mimetic data economy spectacle.

RIXC Art Science Festival, Riga, October, 2017
AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival, May, 2017, May, 2017
MVDFF Milan Film Festival, April, 2017
Bangkok Underground Film Festival, February, 2017
Chicago AMARCORD Arthouse Television & Video Awards, December, 2016
RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE, ACRE TV, 1 November-31 December, 2016
Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy Conference, RMIT University, 27-29 November, 2016
LA Underground Film Forum, (Honorable Mention), November, 2016
Pune Independent Film Festival, November, 2016
Women’s Only Entertainment Festival, October, 2016
safARI Arts Festival, Alaska Projects, Sydney, 11-26 March, event screening 19th March, 2016


“This film overwhelms me completely. It certainly will be in the list of my top ten most favourite films I saw in 2017…It reminds me of two of my most favourite films of all time. One is I-BE AREA (2007, Ryan Trecartin), because both ANTS IN THE LEGS and I-BE AREA are extremely funny and energetic, and portray one actor or one actress in various styles. The other film is VIDEO 50 (1978, Robert Wilson), because both VIDEO 50 and ANTS IN THE LEGS put scenes which seem to be unrelated to each other with each other, and sometimes this kind of weird juxtaposition results in one of the most hilarious moments I have ever experienced in my life.” Jit Phokaew, Independent Reviewer

“Set against the backdrop of contemporary Sydney, Danielle Zorbas explores the depravities of modern living with a cinematic barrage of ‘bad art’ aesthetic drenched scenarios and absurd archetypes in this memetic piece of non-linear video art that will leave you second guessing your surroundings.” Sam Freeman, Bangkok Underground Film Festival

“As confronting as the relentless, oversaturated mania of ‘ants’ may be, it feels undeniably true to the cultural moment we’re in right now. Truth is precisely what Danielle seeks to ‘queer’ with her practice and in a media landscape scarred by fake news and anxious to define itself as ‘post-truth’, there is nothing we need more.” Xiaoran Shi, i-D Vice


Independent Review, Bangkok Underground Film Festival 2017
by Jit Phokaew, March 9, 2017
by Bonnie Sananvatananont, February 14, 2017
by Xiaoran Shi, January 10, 2017
by Sammy Preston, February 12, 2016
Art Almanac, November 18, 2015


by danielle zorbas
with Megan Holloway
Nicole Dunjay
Catherine Davies
Malcolm Whittaker
Alex Argirou
Patrick Head
Tabatha Lane
Joey Sadettan


Cinematography Jack McAvoy
Second camera Dani
Camera Assistant Marco Stefanoni
Art Direction by Melissa Fallshaw, Dani
Art Department Claudia Wawn, Naomi Doras, Patrick Head
Styling by Anna Santangelo
Hair and Makeup Linda West
Hair and makeup Assistant Andrea Laycock
Sound Recording Nathan Bell
Production Assistant David Scro
Stills Photographer Marco Cheng
Editor Dani
GFX Pauline Appiah
Title Bethany Sheehan & Dani
Sound Mix Dani & Jon Hunter
Sound Mastering Dani & David White
Colour Grade Dani

Boundary singularities produced by the motion of soap films’ videos by Raymond E. Goldstein, James McTavish, H. Keith Moffatt, and Adriana I. Pesci
featuring illustrations by Samuel Fielder
and audio from NASA sound library
ZXX font by Sang Mun


Interference by Holly Herndon
Sydney and Radiocide by Lucas Abela
First Loop and Living a Façade Club Edit by Wet Kiss
Conversion Therapy by Regional Curse
life is a rubiks cube I & II by Nicola Morton
Molten Metal by Ela Stiles
Lose the Baby by Lost Animal
Revolutionary Spray by Club Sound Witches
Entrance by Kusum Normoyle
Dandy II by equalizer 24k
Spine with Lime by Angel Eyes
Etchings by Gail Priest
Wandering and Out of Age by Angie
Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins
Wind and Crickets Chaffinches by Hochman and Hopkins
Catcher by Peter Blamey







safARI Arts Festival event screening, Alaska Projects, Sydney, 19th March, 2016

RIXC Art and Science Festival, kim? Gallery, Riga, October, 2017



nicole dunjay and megan holloway










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_MG_4164alex argirou

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